Embrace Your Feminine Energy

Pampering and holistic health can help you thrive

The world is full of stress. Sometimes, you need to recharge. The best way to hone your energy and revitalize your mind, spirit and body is with a visit to Hello Beautiful Day Spa LLC. More than a spa, our space is a holistic wellness center with a focus on empowering women to feel beautiful, confident and balanced. Our treatments are meant to pamper your body and nourish your soul.

Prioritize Physical and Spiritual Wellness

We combine spa and holistic services

What do clients come to us for?

A visit to our center can help you reach your beauty and wellness goals. You can visit us if you want to:

  • Release stress through a back massage or manicure treatment
  • Combat skin issues with facials, dermaplaning and microdermabrasion
  • Enhance your natural beauty with eyelash and eyebrow services
  • Lose weight through liposuction or cryotherapy treatments
  • Answer difficult questions through astrology and moon readings
  • Channel more powerful personal energy through crystals and oils
We're your source for holistic health. Call 970-590-5805 now to learn more about our many services.

Enjoy every visit

Our local and family-owned spa is focused on helping our clients with everything from spa services to spiritual healing. Our owner has worked in the industry since 2018 and is now fulfilling her dream of opening her own salon. We want to make our treatments affordable for our clients. That's why we offer $99 introductory pricing for cryotherapy and liposuction, as well as free booking and facial specials targeting the areas typically under a mask,

It's time to back your health and wellness. Visit Hello Beautiful Day Spa today.